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Macomb Bikes is Bullish on E-Bikes

By Macomb Bike [April 18, 2019]

Macomb Bike has been around for decades, but we pride ourselves on being cutting edge and current with the latest trends. While we continue to sell traditional bikes and accessories, over the past few years we have become Michigan's #1 seller of electric bikes.  E-bike riders are big fans of Macomb Bike because they know they can trust our store, located in Warren, Michigan, for all their E-bike accessories. 

Electric bikes (or E-bikes) are growing in popularity and we at Macomb Bike are not surprised. E-bike riders get to spend time outdoors riding their bike they like always have, but when they get tired or winded, they can simply coast using taking advantage of the electric feature of the bike. With an E-bike, you'll be able to travel greater distances and ride for longer periods of time. With E-bikes, you'll be able to cruise back and forth to work without having to deal with car traffic (and in some cases, you'll be able to ride faster than some cars).

Here are some other benefits of E-bikes. Take a moment to check these out and you'll see why Macomb Bike is bullish on E-bikes!

1)  E-bikes get you riding more. According to a recent report by the Transport Research Laboratory, regular bikes make it out of the garage fewer than 25 times a year, with 46% being used just once or twice a week. In comparison, 30% of people with electric bikes use them once a day, while a whopping 81% ride them at least once a week. Which means that e-bike users are twice as likely as regular riders to get out there and ride.

2)  E-bikes can help keep you fit. Since you’re riding more, you’ll be pedalling more – even if that electric motor is helping you out on occasion.

3)  E-bikes are great for commuting. You will rid yourself of the anxiety of traffic.

4) Even though you’re effectively a motorized vehicle, you don’t need a license yet you’re still allowed to use bike lanes.

5)  E-bikes are great for dealing with hills. E-bikes help you tackle the big climbs. Usually fitted with a variety of power modes to assist your pedalling, if you’re faced with a particularly arduous climb you can just crank your bike’s motor up to its highest setting and breeze up the hill like a pro cyclist.

6) E-bikes are great for crosswinds and headwinds. Having a motor to back you up also means that e-bikes are great for tackling that other great adversary nature throws up for cyclists – the wind.

7) E-bikes will let you explore the world. E-bikes also make ideal touring bikes. This means riding long distances will not only be more comfortable but also more manageable. 

8) E-bikes are just plain fun to ride. Riding an e-bike is similar to riding a regular bike, but once you engage the motor, you’ll find that every time you push on the pedals – depending on the setting you’re using – you’ll get three, four, five or maybe even as much as 10 pedal strokes more for your money.

Want to try out an E-bike? Come into Macomb Bike today and we'll take great care of you. We enjoy introducing our customers to the wonderful trend of E-bikes. You won't regret it.